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Cleardeck Systems Ltd. warrants for a period of two years from the date of purchase that its products will be free from defects in material and workmanship. In addition Cleardeck will repair or replace free of charge, within the first two years any solar reel system or components proven to be defective, provided the system was installed, operated and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
Your Cleardeck Solar Reel System is manufactured to the highest quality standards and is intended to be used exclusively with bubble type solar blankets. Use of any other non-bubble type solar blankets will void the warranty. In addition, the warranty does not extend to failure of the crank handle, drive system, and reel tube caused by over torque beyond normal blanket retraction roll up forces. Damage to the lid or hinge plate due to abuse, or any part of the housing, solar blanket, and pull strap assembly are excluded from this warranty. Due to the variations in state/provincial laws, the limitations of this warranty may not be applicable. This warranty is offered in addition to any statutory warranties or remedies contained in the relative state or province.

Cleardeck’s sole liability with respect to any claim shall be as set forth in this warranty and any claims for incidental or consequential damages are excluded. Some provinces/states do not permit warranty limitations as outlined herin, therefore the foregoing limitation or exclusion may not apply.

Warning: Avoid Personal Injury or Drowning

  • Blanket will not support weight. Do not attempt to stand or walk on cover.
  • Make sure blanket is completely retracted, pull strap is stored in housing, and lid is closed before using pool.
  • Persons can become entrapped or entangled in cover and possibly drown.
  • Do not allow any person to swim under cover.
  • Drowning is possible on top of blanket.
  • Children can become entangled in pull strap resulting in possible injury. Detach pull strap from solar blanket after blanket extension and store in housing. Keep lid closed at all times when blanket is not being extended or retracted to prevent accidental falling or tripping.
  • This is a solar blanket, NOT a safety cover. Improper use may result in injury or drowning.