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Save time. Save energy. Save money.

The ClearDeck® Advantage

      • Saves water and chemicals from evaporation
      • Saves energy costs of heating pool
      • ClearDeck solar blankets collects and retains heat
      • Blanket extends and retracts in less than a minute
      • Patented design comes with exclusive 2 year warranty
      • ClearDeck requires no heavy lifting
      • Unlike conventional above ground blanket systems that are bulky and cumbersome to operate, ClearDeck allows for 1-person effortless operation
      • ClearDeck is neatly concealed underground when lid is closed, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of your backyard
      • Eliminates tripping hazards when stowed underground and not in use
      • Less wear and tear and UV exposure extends blanket life
      • Can be installed into any kind of decking, including stamped concrete
      • Anodized lid and premium aluminum extruded components
      • Self draining and easy to clean inside the ClearDeck – just spray and go!
      • Durable finish will last for many years. Custom finishes also available
      • Easily installs on new and existing pools and with any free-form shape
      • Convenient pull strap for single person operation
      • Stores quickly and easily for the winter
      • Provides humidity control for indoor pools

Quick, easy and effortless.

To uncover your pool:

numbered-bullet-1 Lift the lid and insert the handle into the gear.

numbered-bullet-2 Turn continuously and ClearDeck will do the rest, neatly rolling up your solar blanket below ground.

To cover your pool:

numbered-bullet-3 Simply unroll the solar blanket with the convenient pull strap. It’s quick and can be done easily by one person.

And since ClearDeck sits flush with your deck when closed, your deck is free of clutter and the reel will not present a trip hazard. Plus, your solar blanket will be hidden out of sight and stored properly year round.


How does a solar blanket save you money?


During the day, a solar blanket acts as a heat collector, naturally increasing the temperature of your pool with minimal or no use of a heater. And less use of a heater means less utility bills.


A solar blanket will also reduce water evaporation and chemical use, providing you great savings over a long period of time. And greater savings means more happy time in your warm pool!


When night falls, the solar blanket prevents warmth from escaping – reducing heat loss in your pool by up to 90% compared to leaving your pool uncovered. So put on the blankie!

Costs of Outdoor Pool Gas Heating by Location*

You would never run your home furnace while leaving the windows and doors open. But that’s exactly what you’re doing if you heat a pool without a solar blanket. A solar blanket prevents heat loss from your pool, so you won’t have to run your pool heater as often, drastically reducing the cost of heating while maintaining your pool at the perfect temperature.